Call for Papers

Our Call for Papers is closed.

Want to be part of PGDay.Amsterdam? Are you a PostgreSQL user, working for a company with an interesting PostgreSQL case, a PostgreSQL hacker or developer? Then you should have sent in your idea for a talk before 31 May. Submitted talks are being reviewed by the talk committee.

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Suggested Topics

Suggestions for topics: Disaster Recovery, Replication and High Availability, Query optimisation, Server tuning, Troubleshooting, GIS, PostGIS and Location-based services, use cases, security, partitioning, new PostgreSQL features, migrations from Oracle, large implementations of PostgreSQL, development with PostgreSQL.

The call for papers is closed. The deadline for submitting your talk was 31 May, 2018. The review of the talk committee is in progress, we will let you know asap (our goal is 3rd week June) if your talk is approved or not. Speakers of PGDay.Amsterdam do not need to buy a ticket.

Talk Commitee
  • Anja van Elteren (EDB)
  • Andreas Scherbaum (Pivotal)
  • Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 11.42.00
    Devrim Gündüz (EDB)
  • Magnus Hagander (Redpill)
  • Robert Ivens (roclasi)