Tobacco Theater

You wouldn’t expect it, walking around the small street Nes, the cultural main street of Amsterdam. An impressively high room of 200 m² (over 2000 square feet), constructed of steel and rough white plaster. Industrial, fresh, sturdy and with an obvious love for design and history. Upon arrival, the first thing you’ll notice is the industrial-style bar and the steel balcony. Thanks to the historical shed roofing, the daylight livens up the theater. You’re shown a small and sunny glimpse of the rich history of the old tobacco auction house. The room is fitted out with automatical dimmers and a unique lighting system, where the slanted ceilings and the rough white plaster walls are theatrically and beautifully lit. This secret location in the heart of Amsterdam has been the stage for many amazing theater dinners, international product presentations and music presentations, congresses, events, and loving theater performances.

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Nes 75-87,
1012 KD
Amsterdam, Netherlands